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Windsurfing rental and SUP rental

We offer a brand new gear from worldly-known brands Fanatic and Duotone. Windsurfing rental is available only to people who know how to do it. A staff member will give you safety instructions and guidelines regarding the area where you can go with the gear. You can rent the gear for 1 or 2 hours. Also, we offer a 5h package that you can use in 3 days. Furthermore, we offer weekly rent.

Windsurf boards and sails are school models which are suitable for beginners and advanced. Fanatic Viper boards come in 4 sizes two 160l, two 190l, three 220l and two 240l. Duotone Cloth sails come in 8 sizes from 1.5sqm all the way to 5sqm. Fanatic SUP boards are inflatable and they are super light. We have nine Pure Air 10’4″, two Fly Air Premium 10’8″, two Ripper Air 7’10” and two family-sized boards. All in all, we have everything you need for a fun time on the water.

Windsurf boards in 4 sizes
Windsurf sails in 8 sizes
SUP boards in 4 sizes
E-foil boards in 2 sizes


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