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Amadria Park

Amadria Park is a resort that is situated just outside the town of Šibenik. With over 100 years of service, Amadria Park has a rich and varied Adriatic hospitality heritage, from their restaurant roots to today’s impeccable suite of hotels, attractions and amenities, and they remain family-owned to this day. You will be amazed by this resort. It has everything you might need for a perfect vacation with your friends, partner or family. Read more about Amadria Park.


Fanatic is a windsurfing and SUP board brand. Fanatic is driven by their unwavering desire to create dream boards. That vision may sound simple, but achieving it is not. They stand for everything that makes it possible: quality, innovation, knowledge, experience, consistency, integrity, Ocean Minded spirit and above all else, passion. It is important to us that the boards are stable for beginners. Also, they have to be fun to sail and that is why we love Fanatic. Read more about Fanatic boards.


Duotone is a windsurfing sail brand. This brand is the sum of all people burning for the sport, contributing all their knowledge and skills to the improvement of the best sails and rigs in general. Nobody gets off the sewing table or stops testing on the water unless all questions are answered, and all wishes are fulfilled. Duotone is well-known for constant R&D. It is very important for beginners to feel that windsurfing is easy, safe and fun. That is why we choose Duotone. Read more about Duotone sails.

Šibenik tourist board

Šibenik is situated in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic Coast, in the picturesque and indented bay where the Krka River, one of the most beautiful karst rivers in Croatia enters the sea. The Šibenik region is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and dry and mild winters. In most parts of the Šibenik region, the most common winds are the bora-bura and the sirocco-jugo, and along the coastal belt there is even the refreshing onshore mistral-maestral. Read more about Šibenik.

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